Displays a textarea. By default the textarea is displayed with three rows. You can increase the number of rows by setting the rows attribute. Example, rows="5".

            <x-bladewind::textarea  />

Add Placeholder Text

            <x-bladewind::textarea placeholder="Comment"  />

With Labels

You can display the BladewindUI textarea with labels. Labels present themselves as placeholders but jump to the top border of the textarea when that field has focus. This is a nice way to build compact looking forms without having form labels in the way. If you prefer to create and style your own form labels, simply ignore the label attribute and use the placeholder attribute instead.

            <x-bladewind::textarea label="Comment"  />

Required Fields

This either adds a red asterisk sign to the placeholder text or a red star to the label of the textarea field.

            <x-bladewind::textarea required="true" label="Comment"  />

See component/textarea documentation on Validating Required Fields.


You can append any of the available HTML event attributes (onclick, onblur, onfocus, onmouseover, onmouseout, onkeyup, onkeydown etc) to the component, just like you would to a regular <textarea ... tag. The border of the textarea below turns red onfocus and to gray onblur.

                onfocus="changeCss('.events', '!border-2,!border-red-400')"
                onblur="changeCss('.events', '!border-2,!border-red-400', 'remove')">

Full List Of Attributes

The table below shows a comprehensive list of all the attributes available for the Textarea component.

IMPORTANT: Projects running Laravel 8 please read this

Option Default Available Values
name textarea-uniqid() Unique name to identify the textarea element by. Useful for retrieving value from the textarea when it is submitted in a form. The component by default uses a random name prefixed with 'textarea-'.
label blank Label that describes the textarea element. Example: Full name
error_message blank Error message to display when field is required but blank.
error_heading Error Error heading to display in notification component when field is required but blank. This is used when *show_error_inline=true*.
show_error_inline false Specifies if the error message is displayed inline (beneath the field) or in a notification component.

true false
required false Specifies if the textarea element is required or not. When required, a red asterisk is displayed next to the placeholder or label.

true false
add_clearing true Specifies if an 8px margin should be added to the bottom of the element. This ensures your form fields are evenly spaced by default.

true false
placeholder blank Placeholder text to display in the textarea element.
rows 3 Specifies the height of the textarea in rows. Can be any positive whole number.
selected_value blank Default value to display in the textarea element. Useful when in edit mode.


Textarea with all attributes defined

                label="Enter message"
                error_message="A comment is required"
                selected_value="" />
The source file for this component is available in resources > views > components > bladewind > textarea.blade.php