The bell component displays a bell icon with an optional 'pending notifications' dot indicator. This is a visually pleasing way of telling your app users where to find notifications and if they have anything unread. By default, the bell displays the dot indicator, meaning there are notifications to be read.

            <x-bladewind::bell />

No Dot Indicator

To display the bell with no dot indicator, set show_dot="false". This hides the dot indicator. This should usually be the case if all notifications have been read.

            <x-bladewind::bell show_dot="false" />

Animated Dot Indicator

The dot indicator can have a 'ping' animation to draw attention to the bell. To animate the dot set animate_dot="true". By default, the dot is not animated.

            <x-bladewind::bell animate_dot="true" />

Inverted Bell

By default, the bell is designed to sit on a white background. When using the bell on a dark background, set the attribute invert="true". This will display the bell as white.

            <x-bladewind::bell invert="true" />

Different Sizes

The bell component exists in two sizes. small and big. The default size is small.

            // size="small" can be omitted since it is the default
            <x-bladewind::bell size="small" />
            <x-bladewind::bell size="big" />

Different Colours

The default dot indicator displayed next to the bell is blue. This may not match your app's theme, so it is possible to display the dot indicator in different colours by setting the color attribute on the component, like this, color="red".

        <x-bladewind::bell color="primary" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="red" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="yellow" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="green" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="pink" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="cyan" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="black" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="purple" />

        <x-bladewind::bell color="orange" />



In most apps the bell is accessed either using onclick or onmouseover events. You can add these events to the component as you normally would to any tag. Alternatively, you could wrap the bell component in any other HTML tag that accepts click and hover events.

The example below wraps the Bell component in the Dropmenu component. The Dropmenu component then uses the List View component to display a list of notifications.

                <x-slot name="trigger">
                    <x-bladewind::bell />
                    <x-bladewind.list-view transparent="true">

                            <x-bladewind.avatar size="small" image="..." />
                            <div class="mx-1 pt-1">
                                <div class="text-sm">
                                    <span class="font-medium text-slate-900">
                                    assigned <a href="#">a task</a> to you
                                    <div class="text-xs">3 hours ago</div>





Onclick, Onmouseover, On-anything

As seen in the example above, the Bell component inherits the default action defined in the Dropmenu component. If you prefer to design your own notification layout or redirect users to a page that lists their notifications, you can define any HTML event attribute on the Bell.


                        onmouseover="alert('..')" />

                        onclick="alert('...')" />

Full List Of Attributes

The table below shows a comprehensive list of all the attributes available for the Bell component.

IMPORTANT: Projects running Laravel 8 please read this

Option Default Available Values
color blue The colour of the dot indicator.
primary blue red yellow green pink cyan black purple orange violet indigo fuchsia
animate_dot false Determines if the dot should be animated or not.
size small Defines the size of the bell.
small big
show_dot true Defines if the dot indicator should be displayed by default.
true false
invert false Defines if the bell should be displayed as white.
true false

Bell with all attributes defined

                size="big" />

The source file for this component is available in resources > views > components > bladewind > bell.blade.php