Display a spinning icon

            <x-bladewind::spinner  />
            <x-bladewind::spinner color="purple"  />
            <x-bladewind::spinner size="medium"  />
            <x-bladewind::spinner size="big"  />
            <x-bladewind::spinner size="xl"  />
            <x-bladewind::spinner size="omg"  />

Full List Of Attributes

The table below shows a comprehensive list of all the attributes available for the Spinner component.

IMPORTANT: Projects running Laravel 8 please read this

Option Default Available Values
size small small medium big xl omg
color gray Set the colour of the spinner.

primary blue red yellow greenpurple pink orange gray cyan violet indigo fuchsia
class bw-spinner Any additional css you wish to add.

Spinner with all attributes defined

                class="m-0" />
The source file for this component is available in resources > views > components > bladewind > spinner.blade.php