The only UI components you'll ever need for your Laravel projects. For real.
A collection of over 30 easy-to-customize but elegantly designed blade UI components for your Laravel projects.
There's no Pro or Pro Max. Just free everything.
All current and future UI components plus their frequent updates remain free forever. Contributions are welcome.
BladewindUI components shine even in dark mode.
Every BladewinUI component is designed with support for dark mode and they are easy to customize.
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One size and colour doesn't fit all. We know that.
Almost all BladewindUI components come in nine different colours and a couple of sizes, where it makes sense to size things up.
Jandel Doe
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    Michael K. Ocansey
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It's usually one line of code but feature packed.
Laravel makes building web apps simple and fun. No need to make a library meant for the framework any less developer friendly.
<x-bladewind::avatar image="/assets/images/edwin.jpeg" />
<x-bladewind::toggle bar="thicker" />
<x-bladewind::alert>Your storage is 80% full</x:bladewind::alert>
<x-bladewind::datepicker type="range" />
<x-bladewind::filepicker accepted_file_types="images/*" />